-Add Light and Ventilation
-A good looking way to ward off those bugs (or mosquitos.)
-Enjoy the benefits of a Retractable screen.
-Back to Nature


Niki Depew

Wizards new Business Development Manager and is helping many dealers with their businesses.
[email protected]

Stuart Ilott

VP of Sales and Marketing
Wizard Screens Solutions
4263 Phillips Ave, Burnaby, BC
V5A 2X4, Canada
t: 604-299-8878, Extension {107}
e: [email protected]

Niki writes

Following up to our phone call this morning, I looked up Wizard Retractable Screens and Retractable Screens Birmingham and you don’t come up. This is likely due to not meeting the analytical criteria needed to be relevant. There are two ways you can easily improve this.

Provide new content weekly

  1. It’s as simply as adding a place for a product photo and additional text then changing it once a week. You could use the photo on your contact us page as the one you update. You should be able to work with the person who created your website to learn how to do this yourself. He can create an editable section just for you.
  2. Maybe have a heading below the picture where you can comment (Have you seen the VistaView in Sandlewood? Showing a picture of it in Sandlewood.) as your text portion of the new content.
  3. Add a place to show yelp reviews and add your own customer reviews even if you have to use some that are Wizard Specific but not in your market.

    a. Ask every customer to do a Yelp review as these keeps you relevant on the internet
    b. Respond to every review you get good or bad.
    c. To get started I will see if its possible for you to use the banner on our home page that has reviews from across the country. Even though you linked to our website for product it skips the home page section.

    Let’s see if these changes can improve your visibility to potential customers